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New Domestic Sales in August Highest When You Consider This September 2019

In reality, two brand new repair methods are identified — specifically, overlaying waterproofing membrane system and nanotechnology irrigation system.

These new approaches provide”alternative fix choices for individuals who don’t want to hack their bathroom tiles or who would rather maintain the present finishes in their bathrooms”, stated Faishal.

For complicated and recurring issues which are not able to be rectified by contractors, HDB will “help in the investigations and supply information where potential”, he added.

Liang asked concerning HDB’s strategy to help the apartment dwellers.

Faishal clarified that the obligation for repairs ceiling leaks which happen because of wear and tear over the years will likely be shared jointly between the reduced and upper-floor flat owners.

He noticed that both the reduced and upper-floor apartment owners could have “to collectively investigate and execute the repairs”.

“In the majority of circumstances, leakages could be amicably solved when horizontal owners exercise mutual comprehension and collaborate together,” he explained.

“In circumstances where the escape is due to wear and tear, HDB can offer help with fixes and co-share the price of repairs below the Goodwill Repair Assistance (GRA) scheme,” he added.

Under the scheme, 50% of the ceiling escape repair price will be covered by the HDB, whereas another 50% will be evenly shared between the reduced and upper-floor flat owners.

But when the flow in the lower-floor is because of renovations completed in the upper-floor level, then the upper-floor level owner will probably be “fully accountable for rectifying the flow and bearing the complete repair cost”.

For ceiling leaks happening in the top floor components, Faishal explained the city council will be responsible for fixing the flow since the roofing forms a portion of property.

The outside walls of HDB blocks also type a part of common property handled by city councils.

“As they’re subject to wear and tear over time, city councils are advised to maintain them in good shape by carrying out routine maintenance and fixes where necessary,” explained Faishal.

In reacting to Faisal’s query on if HDB will look at introducing a federal programme for facade fix of aging HDB blocks, Faishal stated there are now no such plans because such problems can be avoided through routine maintenance by city councils.

From the second half 2021, the Construction and Building Authority will call for a Periodic Façade Inspection” to be performed for all buildings over 20 years of age and over 13 metres in height”.

“The purpose is to improve public security, by facilitating the early detection of possible issues and also the timely repair of façades,” explained Faishal.