Read article: HDB Resale Down to 30-year Low As Prices Went Up

HDB Resale Down to 30-year Low As Prices Went Up

“Like Malaysia, we’re optimistic that the talks on the outstanding things could be concluded by the 31 July deadline,” a spokesperson for the Ministry of Transport (MOT) informed CNA.

This includes as Singapore and Malaysia have been engaged in”intensive conversation” within the RTS Link job, said the ministry.

Works on the RTS Link, which has been originally set for conclusion by 2024, has since been suspended.

In reality, the suspension was extended three times in the request of Malaysia. The most recent expansion was a result of the authorities of this”circuit breaker” steps to suppress the spread of Covid-19 in Singapore in addition to Malaysia’s motion controller sequence.

Johor’s Chief Minister Hasni Mohammad apparently expects the job to commence work in November.

According to him, both nations are set to sign the agreement on the job by end-July, ” The Star.

Fiscal Transport Minister Wee Ka Siong also stated it will await the city-state’s new Cabinet to shape, provided that Singapore’s General Election have been finished over the weekend.

“If we’re in a position to finish the discussions next week, then the time could have made for us to seal the arrangement. We have to do all this until the 31 July deadline,” said Wee.

To connect Woodlands in Singapore into Bukit Chagar at Johor Bahru, the RTS Link will function approximately 10,000 passengers per hour every way, helping alleviate traffic congestion on the Causeway.